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Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications Program NFPA 1006


 Dynamic Rescue in partnership with Achiever Education & Training (AET) offers a blended learning model for students wanting to obtain the (“Technical Rescuer Professional Qualification Program” NFPA 1006) that provides the theory for Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse, Vehicle Rescue, Surface Water Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Dive Rescue, Ice Rescue, Surf, Wilderness rescue, Mine and Tunnel Rescue, Cave Rescue, Machinery Rescue, Animal Rescue, Watercraft Rescue, Helicopter Rescue, and Tower Rescue. The online portion of the course is designed that the student completes all the theory requirements offered by Dynamic Rescue to achieve the Job Performance Requirements under the Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications Standard for Rope Rescuer Low to Steep Angle Rescue.


This allows for face to face delivery time to be spent on the practical aspects of the disciplines for the Awareness level as the course is designed, eliminating large theory sections for the Dynamic Rescue advanced levels of Rope, Confined Space, and Trench etc. 


The Awareness level course also standardizes embankment rescue and provides the foundation skills for students who would like to move into the Operations and Technician levels of each discipline. The course includes: NFPA standards, rescue site overview & safety, ropes (knots, bends & hitches), equipment familiarization, anchoring and rigging systems, patient packaging, simple mechanical advantage systems and low to steep angle embankment rescue scenarios.


The online course combined with the practical Awareness level - Low to Steep angle Rescue completes the requirements for the Technical Rescuer Qualification Certification to continue on the chosen career path specialty.



Successful candidates will be certified to the “Technical Rescuer Professional Qualification Program - NFPA 1006 (2013) Awareness level - Low to Steep Angle Rescue” This course is in conformance with NFPA 1006 and 1670 and meets and exceeds all Provincial, National and international standards for Steep Slope Rescue.



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